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Custom Building Sign & Awning Sign

High-quality custom signs are vital for businesses that need constant foot traffic. Informational signs are important for offices and other establishments that need tools to assist guests and employees passively. Exceptional outdoor signs are also crucial to make buildings attractive to their target market.

Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC is a top-notch Gregory sign company that can personalize any signs or graphics you need. Whether you only want one new signage or an entire collection of outdoor and indoor signs to complete your marketing campaign, our signage experts are fully equipped to deliver durable and appealing products!

Your signs and graphics will be customized to match your preferences, signage purpose, installation area, and budget. We also observe a time-efficient process so you can enjoy the marketing impact of your new signs and graphics as soon as possible.

From storefront and indoor signs to vehicle wraps and graphics, everything you need to create a remarkable brand image can be provided by Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC. Talk to us today so we can start planning the best signage installation project right away!

Call Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC today at (361) 273-7165 for your Free Consultation with a Gregory Signs & Graphics expert!

Signs That Work For You

Outdoor Wayfinding Nursery Signage

We pride ourselves at Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC as being a reputable Gregory sign company with 100% commitment to making our clients happy. Regardless of the specific goal you’re aiming to achieve—increased visibility, professional-looking storefront, improved interior atmosphere, or comprehensible indoor informative graphics—we can provide the best signage solution for your needs!

Our signage experts will diligently evaluate all the factors necessary for planning your signage installation project. These include your budget, installation area, signage purpose, branding guidelines, and personal style preferences.

From outdoor signs that make your business more appealing than your competitors to indoor signs that keep customers captivated and encouraged to come back, every sign and graphics you need will be customized to fit your needs perfectly. The following aspects are among the significant things we’ll consider during the customization process:

Signage type

Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC is capable of designing, producing, and installing all kinds of custom signs and graphics. Whether you need new indoor or outdoor signs for your business, we are always glad to deliver them with details precisely tailored to your requirements.

Some of the signs and graphics that we offer are the following:

  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Digital signs
  • Electronic signs
  • LED signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Yard Signs
  • Vinyl graphics

We can help you choose which signage type to use if you’re still undecided. We know which ones will be better outdoors or indoors. The amount of time you intend to use your signs will also be considered, as well as your budget and preferred look.


After you’ve picked the signage type that you want, the next step is to determine what material is best to craft it with. We’ll do our best to ensure that the durability, looks, and overall quality of the final signage material will be the best considering your budget.

One of the primary considerations that we’ll look into is the intended installation area of your signage. We will use a material that can withstand extended exposure to the specific elements in your area. Our signage installers will even use reinforced materials if you require permanent highway advertising signs, such as pole signs and monument signs.


The appearance of your signs and graphics is naturally the first thing that people will notice. This is why our in-house graphic designers always go above and beyond to make sure that our deliverables come with unique, compelling, and professional-looking designs.

We will, of course, create designs that align with your branding guidelines. By consistently using the correct brand colors, logo, and signature fonts, your target audience will become more familiar with your brand. This will make them more receptive to your other promotional campaigns even if they see them in public places.

Installation area

Even the most attractive and durable signage can only do so little if it’s installed in a poor location. So, apart from providing the actual sign or graphics, Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC can also help you pick the best installation area for maximum visibility and impact. We even have professional signage installers so that we can take care of the entire process for you!

The Right Signage For Your Business

custom window vinyl wrap

Regardless of the kind or size of business that you have, Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC will be happy to cater to your signage needs. We accommodate different budget ranges and can customize our signs and graphics accordingly. The business personality and industry of our clients will also play a vital role in our customization process.

We work meticulously on every project. Our goal is to help you improve your building’s aesthetics, invite more customers, and successfully build an impressive brand image with durable and cost-effective custom signs.

Brand image

We will tailor the details of your signage to fit your branding goals. If you only need one signage, we’ll make sure to use your branding elements and match your existing signs and graphics. If you need one whole collection, we’ll consistently use said elements throughout creative designs that highlight your business personality and make your name easier to remember.

Building location

To make sure that your business gets the visibility it needs, our signage customization process will also account for your building location. This helps us determine the best material to use for longer-lasting signs and what adjustments are necessary to create the marketing impact you’re aiming for. This pertains to adjusting your outdoor sign’s height, size, and lighting.

Business hours

When you open your doors for business, it is also vital for effective signage customization. By knowing that your establishment opens at nighttime or 24/7, we can appropriately suggest illuminated outdoor signs for your business.

In the end, our only goal at Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC is to ensure that you will get the best value for your signage investment in the form of effective messaging and branding tools.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Exterior Signage

How people perceive your business the first time can determine the lack or abundance of your customer traffic. Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC can help you secure a constant flow of customers with our custom outdoor signs, tailored to give your building improved visibility and unique appeal that outshines surrounding competitors.

We can provide you with temporary promotional signs and graphics, such as hanging banners and window vinyl graphics. We can also design, manufacture, and install long-term outdoor signs that you can either attach to your building or have meters ahead of your entrance for highway advertising.

Here are some of the exterior signs that we can customize for you:

Indoor & Interior Signs

Attractive Custom Lobby Signs

Equally as important as outdoor signs, indoor signs need to be comprehensible, engaging, and easy to spot at the same time. They are helpful for various messaging purposes, helping you increase your revenue and provide a satisfying customer experience.

From branding and promotional indoor signs to informational graphics that aid in wayfinding and the overall safety of your workplace, all your needed signage can be completed on time and at reasonable rates by Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC.

The following are included in the custom indoor signs and graphics that we offer:

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

Custom Commercial Van Wrap

As an experienced Gregory sign company, Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC knows first-hand how versatile vinyl can be. We use them on different graphics to meet the varying needs of our clients. Vinyl signs and graphics are guaranteed to be durable, allowing you to convey your message for a long time without worrying about faded designs or ripped graphics after only a few months.

The vinyl we use has the highest quality that your budget can afford. We also use high-quality ink for printing your vinyl graphics, giving you dynamic designs that can withstand prolonged exposure outdoors.

Included in the different vinyl signs and graphics that you can choose are the following:

Complete Commercial Signage Company

indoor vinyl lobby mural

Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC is a local Gregory, TX, sign company with cutting-edge equipment and abundant resources for high-quality signage materials. More importantly, our team is composed of skilled individuals who are dedicated to providing organized services that yield nothing short of premium-quality products and satisfied clients.

We house expert graphics designers who can help achieve the best look for your building and commercial vehicles, thus helping in your overall marketing goal. We also have professional signage manufacturers who will accurately realize the signage details you approved during planning.

Lastly, our experienced installers know the best techniques to secure your chosen signage in place in a safe and time-efficient way. We observe all the necessary safety protocols and also study the legal signage regulations that apply to your locality and type of establishment.

Our Commitment To You

Gregory Sign Company Corpus Christi Sign logo

Working with Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC will give you a team of signage experts who are committed to helping your business thrive with custom signs and graphics. Rest assured that if you choose to work with us, we will deliver long-lasting products that are worth every penny you spend.

Discuss your messaging goals with our team today, and we’d love to start planning your custom signage project as soon as possible!

Contact Corpus Christi Sign Company LLC today at (361) 273-7165 for your Free Consultation with a Gregory Signs & Graphics expert!